Rush Trucks are built with quality parts from these trusted brands.

Rush Truck Specifications

Rush Trucks are made from cromolly tube, laser cut. Every part of the chassis is built from a jig and is numbered for easy assembly and maintenance. Rush Trucks have perfect geometry which for you means less feed back through the wheel and a greater turning circle available from the chassis.

Rush Trucks Flat Packs come with everything you need to build it yourself!
Rolling stage and full race ready with many options on component choice listed below.

The List

  • Tires - 35"- 39"
  • Steering - Howe widespread rack
  • Shocks - Fox/King shocks,front 3.5" bypass x 2.5" coilover , rear 4.0" bypass x 2.5" coilover
  • Brakes - vented 12 1/4" rotors, 4-6piston Willwood or 6 piston Pro-Am
  • Engine - accepts any Chev or Ford V8
  • Transmission - Albins or T-400
  • Cromolly - 1 3/4"x0.120" and 1 1/2"x.120"
  • Wheel travel - Front24", Rear 28"
  • Hubs-5x5.5", front and rear hubs are interchangeable, 35-40" drive flange
  • Wheel base - 123"
  • Wheel track - 88"or 92"
  • Seats - Beard ultra T1 custom design, Mastercraft 4G
  • Rear housing - custom fabricated Cromolly any width, braced, Cromolly spindles, brake caliper mounts,set up for strange 9"
  • Interior - Momo wheel quick release, Fiberwerx dash/console, CNC or Tilton pedals, Motec management, PCI radios, Lawrence GPS

Rush Truck - How to build videos

Chris Western walks you through every stage of your Rush Truck build.

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Rush Truck Checklist

Download and complete the list for your records.

Rush Truck Checklist

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Out of the pack and onto the track. It works.
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